Saturday, February 25, 2012

Being sick wastes my weekend

I don't like being sick. I get sick all the time. Some one gets the slightest cold around me and then I am sick for weeks. I don't understand it. I keep a clean house. There is no mildew, or gross whatever lurking around in my house. I wipe down counters, clean bathrooms. 
Sometimes I'm to much of clean freak. I think it's because I don't like being sick. 

There were a few people at work that had been sick and now their sickness is on me. Last week, it was a cough that hurt so much that, I may or may not wet my pants. But in all seriousness. I thought that taking out my tonsils would solve my life problem with getting sick. I got a flu shot this year too. 

The other thing about being sick that I hate is that I'm home sick and all I can think about is how dirty my house is and that I need to clean it. Laundry needs to be folded, floors swept and mopped. bathrooms too. 
AAHHHH!!!! (cough, cough)

Also I am not a huge fan of cough syrup and eating both things I don't like to do while I'm sick. Mike swears by NyQuil and says that it will make me better. I'm a pill popper and enjoy the cold medicine in pill form. Family legend says that, when I was a baby my two great-grandmas, my two grandmas and mom had to hold me down to take cough syrup medicine. I was kicking a scream and fighting all of them while they put the medicine in my mouth. All of those ladies at some point gave my mom a hard time about giving me medicine. They were all proven wrong when they saw the way I was reacted to the medicine coming towards my mouth. 

I did take some cough syrup last night. Slept okay. But I get really shaky after taking that stuff. I know I will get better soon. It will just take a month to make it happen. I would love to run today and get up and the do housework that will be put off until I'm feeling better. 

 But I think I will sit in my bed all day.
These people make me smile!
The other things we are doing this weekend: 
find a recipe for bread sticks
make bread sticks
triathlon meeting
My mother in law's birthday

Yep it's never dull around here.
What are your weekend plans? 


TheUnlostWanderer said...

Hey there again! I just saw your giveaway for the beautiful black and yellow necklace over on Gentri's site. I just wanted to stop by and say that I'm already following you in hopes of being entered! :D

Cassie @ Live.Laugh.L0ve. said...

Hey! New GFC follower from Gentri Lee's blog! Thank you for giving away the yellow & black necklace are her blog today, it's adorable! One thing about me is I like Red Bull's! :))

~Brooke said...

I'm following from Gentri Lee's giveaway!
I'm a junior in hgih school!

Angie Alford said...

My husband and I have to hold my twoyear old down for medicine too! breaks my heart.... I hope you feel better soon , I love your necklaces :) belensmama at gmail dotcom

Sarah said...

Hi!! I'm a new follower sent by Genri Lee's blog!!! Thanks for participating in the giveaway!! The necklace is so cute!!!!

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Ashley said...

I am following from and here's to you, Mrs.Robinson. I am sick right now too. :(

Melanie @ bear rabbit bear said...

I hope that you are feeling better by now! I am a new GFC follower and would love if you stopped by!