Sunday, June 3, 2012

My long lost Mother's Day post

Moms, what would do without them? 
I can't stand to not talk to my mom for more than a few days. Sometimes I call her just to hear anything that she might be doing even if it is the same thing she did yesterday. 
It's hard to live so far away but even though I'm not a tear drop away, I am a phone call. 

My Mom and I at Temple Square, shortly after she arrived. It was a beautiful spring morning.
My Mom came to visit for two weeks. I had so much fun. She was a big help to me. I took on a project that was bigger than I could handle. She help me through it and we finished the project. She wasn't so excited to help with this project because she had to use a glue gun. 
Something I learned about my mom while. 
She doesn't like glue guns. 

The leftover flowers that we made.
We made 300 rolled fabric flowers for a Daddy Daughter dance the school was putting on. I volunteered for corsages and decorations, mostly with the lights. 
I couldn't have done what I did without my mom's help. 
I realized that I like having a third adult in the house, to help pick up the slack for me. 
She can come anytime and we will keep her busy. 

But alas all good things must come to an end. My mom had to go to Arizona. She is now helping others that are need of it. My Grandparents are moving and she is helping them get ready. This is what I love about my mom. She is always willing to help. No task is to big or small for Laurie Patterson! She is a superhero with Superhero kindness and patience. I hope I can be like her when I grow up. 

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