Thursday, August 4, 2011

Canvas on Demand

I love Groupon. I love that I can get a discount on so many things. A month ago there was a Groupon for a 16x20 canvas. The price $45.00 regularly $126.00. I was excited and bought one. I always wanted a picture of my family on a canvas. 
For my wedding anniversary, my husband was able to get some of our wedding photos and edit them. He blew one of the photos up to a poster size picture. I loved it but at the same time was thinking what are we going to do with ginormous photo of us? (see the picture here, it's the middle photo) I also thought that he had printed the picture on regular paper not on photo paper. The light bulb went on and I thought, hey I will use that cool Groupon I just got to make a fun gift with our same wedding photo. Then I felt the ginormous, poster picture, after I had already sent my canvas order off, 
that it was photo paper that he had printed this amazing photo. Oops! 
Now we have two pictures that are the same and equal in beauty. 
I have to confess, I like mine. 
When the canvas came I was so impressed with how it turned out. Fully wrapped with picture all around. Helps me love that special day even more. 
So check out Groupon and canvas on demand for your canvas needs. 
( I wasn't asked to plug either one of these companies, I just wanted to say how much I like them both.)

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