Thursday, October 20, 2011


Three weeks ago I (Rhiannon) finished my last triathlon of the season. It was an all women's race and focused on finishing the race not winning. But when you get a bunch of ladies together you are going to get some competition gong on.

I wanted to do this race because it was a pool swim and I had not done a pool swim before. It was easier than an open water swim and I did like how I could see the bottom of the pool. But the weaving through the lanes was a bit difficult to understand.

My cousin's wife had posted on Facebook that she was doing her first tri that same day so I offered my house to her, my cousin and her sister. They all love in Provo and I know how it feels to wake up early for a race and feel nervous that you are traveling so far. Plus, I was happy to have the company since my family was not going to be at the race.
Mike was at a scout outing and the kids were having an over night at Grandma's house.

I improved my time and I wasn't last which are the two goals I have for every race. Now on to the last and final race I have this racing season: The Halloween Half!  I am so excited! It is going to be awesome.

I love racing. I don't like the training and practice but doing something cool like these races makes me happy!

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