Saturday, January 28, 2012

Junk, Junk and more JUNK!!

Running Log #15

This new year I thought I would be better at staying off the soda, chocolate and candy.

I had dreams of working out everyday, suffering through the tiredness from waking up in the morning, and endure the cold, the bitter COLD, to get up and run outside.

Funny thing about dreams they don't always happen.
My dreams were shattered in the middle of the month when the weather turned bitter. And the candy, coke and chocolate were too good to resist.

I wanted to change that habit this morning. I went for a run. I was hoping to go longer than a mile or two. And I ended up going FOUR MILES!!!! Along those 4 miles, I felt the pain of not running after three weeks. The cold air burned my lungs and my feet were like ice blocks, screaming at me to stop. I didn't give up, yes I walked a bit but I wasn't upset that I did. I was moving more than I had before.
Finally when I was all done I looked at my watch, 4 miles, 58min.
Hard, yes! Worth it? TOTALLY!
Maybe this new found energy, that I haven't felt in weeks, will help me make better junk food choices.

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