Monday, February 20, 2012

What we did on President's Day!

My husband work at a local ski resort, Snowbird. We haven't taken full advantage of our benefit we get because he works there. 
I took the day off because the kids had the day off too. I wanted to go skiing. With recent snow here in Utah. I was hoping for a good day. I'm a fair weather skier. I like the fresh snow but I want the sun and no wind. That is a rare combination. But we got that today. The kids didn't really want to go but the threat of having to clean the house didn't sound as much fun as skiing. 
A perfect day on the slopes and the children did great. Phoenix is feeling more comfortable getting off the lift with me ( I snowboard not ski like the kids). Jersey is a speed demon on the slopes and loves to try to jump. After lunch the kids were done with skiing. Me? I wanted to keep going, I had to given in to the whines. I had a great workout though. I am hoping to have a chance to ski again just Mike and I before the season is over.

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