Friday, September 2, 2011

When you enter a contest....

I don't usually win. My luck isn't the greatest. I mean I play the Powerball once a year and I have yet to win. I enter drawings at work and at my favorite stores and nothing. My favorite is filling out surveys from stores but I don't win a shopping spree. That would sure be nice. 
To my surprise I won something. I'm a fan of Studio 5 on Facebook. I like to see what they post before the show and sometimes make a comment once in awhile. One day they had posted on Facebook, that they were looking for moms to take a diet challenge. They wanted people to respond through email. There were tons of comments on the Facebook post but I thought I would follow the directions and send an email. I wrote this:
I would like to participate in your challenge. I am a working mom with an active lifestyle. I have been running, biking and swimming for over a year and have completed 2 triathlons. But I haven't lost weight and I know it's because of what I eat after working out and the snacks I eat at work.  The only time I have lost any weight was when I got my tonsils out at the beginning of this year and I couldn't eat. Now that I can eat, I'm back where I started. Working out every day for 2 hours and the weight is still there.
I use to drink diet coke but since the tonsils removal, I had to give that up. I love chocolate and tend to go overboard when eating it. I would love some suggestions for post workout treats and what I should eat during the day to give me energy.
For my job I sit for 8 hours typing and since the snacks in the snack bar aren't always healthy I gravitate to the sugary stuff.
Please help me. I would love to get rid of my muffin top...mmm muffins.. sorry, I'm a bit hungry.
Thanks and Have a great Day
Rhiannon Nielsen
While we were on vacation I got a response. I started screaming. I think I gave my mother-in-law a small heart attack. Mike was on the beach and I was in our tent. So I ran to him and had him read my reply. The producers liked my email and they wanted to send a crew to my house on Wednesday to film me eating my breakfast and working out. Monday afternoon came and Brooke Walker from Studio 5 called to ask me a few questions about my eating habits and what I liked to eat. Of course chocolate and McDonald's came coming out of my mouth. She told me that the camera man was really coming and that I would answer the questions he asked in a interview segment and then he would film me riding my bike on the stationary trainer. I was happy.
I started to worry about the state of my house. Since we just got back from camping. Camping stuff was all over the place and we really didn't clean up before we went. Luckily I have a fabulous husband, he loves to clean the kitchen. I also enlisted the help of my sister who came to help get everything dusted, polished and shining. My house hasn't been this clean in awhile, sad but true,
The camera man came and did exactly what Brooke had said. The segment will air on Studio 5 on September 14th. So mark your calendars to see your favorite jewelry lady get some helpful hints in losing weight.


Cerrisse said...

That is awesome!

Lauren and Jason said...

That's so cool! You are going to be on TV!! Maybe you'll become famous and meet Kevin Bacon and then I'll only be 2 degrees of separation from him instead of 4.

But seriously, that's really cool! I'm so excited for you! You'll do great! Love you!