Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Birthday Bash

it’s Rhiannon’s birthday today!!

this is Megan, her sister, typing.
and as a special tribute to my dear sister, Rhiannon, i thought i’d say a few kind words about her.

Rhiannon and i are 10 years apart. i know it was really hard for her to have an annoying little sister that was so far apart in age.
but that never stopped her from being my best friend.

Rhiannon was always there for me whenever i needed her. she let me hang out with her and her cool, popular friends even though i probably bugged the crap out of them.

she took me to movies, took me snowboarding for the first time, coached my diving team in the summers, chaperoned my school field trips, took me on road trips, and taught me how to dress and look cute.
in short: i completely and utterly worshiped her
{and still do}

Rhiannon never treated me like a burden or like i was the uncool, baby sister that i was.
she treated me as an equal & as a friend.

i look up to Rhiannon so much!
she is such an incredible example to me
{always has been}

thanks for being my sister, Rhiannon!
{not that you had much choice :)}



as a special birthday treat for all you kind & sweet followers,
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code: MYBDAY50

thanks for being such amazing followers & friends!

now go celebrate Rhiannon’s birth with some awesome necklaces, yes??

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