Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A little bit about me

To those of you that don't know me and have recently join my blog as a fan. 

Here are a few facts about me....
I love to be creative. I enjoy making things. I love to take an item that looks used and abused, turn it around and make beautiful. I have made many of my decoration for my home because money is tight. 
One of my newest creations
I have a passion of fashion. I have always enjoyed clothes and shopping for clothes. (who doesn't) Growing up I would wear my mom's old '70's clothes, thrift shop and was always shopping the clearance rack. I would find awesome outfits and make them work for me. I am still doing that today but I have given up my polyester collection of clothing for Halloween use only. You know the saying t-shirt and jeans girl? Well that is me. But I have become a bit more sophicated with
my t-shirt and jeans. 
I love jewelry, if you can't tell. I have always loved sparkly things. I use to take my great-grandmother's jewelry and make new things with it. It is a shame I lost those things I made. I got into making jewelry to save myself some money. I was tired of buying something from the store and it falling apart as soon as I got home. I started to study to the jewelry at the stores to see how things were made and made somethings for myself. My friends we impressed with my creations and were wanting the same things, Rhi's Designs was born. 
My adorable family.
I'm a mother of two brilliant children Jersey and Phoenix. I'm so grateful I have them in my life. They are my joy. They worry me, make me laugh and try to do their best in everything they do. Another love of my life is my husband. I can't leave him out. He is a great support in ever endeavor I try. He doesn't like that I like to spend money but he will support my creativeness. 
I'm just getting back into exercising and taking care of my body. Growing up I was skinny and I thought I would never gain any weight. Well that fact has been a hard lesson learned. I didn't like to exercise and would use excuses on why I couldn't whether it be that I have asthma or that I was to busy. Since making exercise not just a goal of mine but a change in the way I eat and do things,  I have been happier. Not to mention the weight and inches I have lost. So far this year I have dropped 20 pounds and I can fit into a size ten. This my friends is a miracle I didn't think it would be possible a few years ago. 
My last leg of the Ragnar Relay in UT.
Halloween Half Marathon, I'm the fairy.

I enjoy running in races or doing triathlons. Last year my friend wanted me to start training with her for a triathlon. I didn't want to just train but I wanted to do an actual race. So we signed up and we finished. I have continued to do half marathons and triathlons. I finished my last race for the year this last Saturday. I had the best PR of any of my races. 
So that is me in a nutshell.
{ I can't say nutshell without thinking about Mike Meyers, So I married an axe murderer.}
Thank you for reading my blog and hopefully I can relate to all of you. 

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