Saturday, January 28, 2012

a welcome and some dancing.

So many new fans on my Facebook fan page and many new followers on my blog!

Welcome all.

We had a great day today!
Jersey performed at her dance recital and did awesome. She definitely has a dancer's body, long and lean. Her favorite part? Getting to wear make-up! My little girl isn't going to be so little for long. I have to remember that.

There were also some other great acts that performed. There was even a boys' break dancing class. My son , Phoenix, told me he would like to join the break dancing class next year. But we will have to see about that come summer when sign-ups are up. The teacher that teaches the class also performed with his crew. They did awesome and they will be performing on the next Season of America's Got Talent!! His name is Bobby Kuhn so watch out for him!

{On a separate post. I posted the video of the guys dancing.}

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Stephanie said...

Aw, how cute! From one dancer to another, I hope she loves it and sticks with it!