Sunday, June 10, 2012

It takes just one

In 2009 my husband started running and getting back into shape. We had lost our slenderness, blame it on work, raising little ones that only ate McDonald's or just the fact that we had become lazier than we had in the past. He encouraged me but to his dismay I didn't want to do anything about my weight. I was realizing that I wasn't going to be the size 2 girl he had married. I had excepted the fact that I was going to be soft in the middle. I was a working mother with a lot on her plate. 
I didn't need another thing to do. 

Looking back I'm grateful for his push to get out and exercise. I believe that this has help my children  to more become active. Plus seeing their parents trying to eat healthier and lose weight. We aren't weight obsessed but we have made changes in our eating habits and the activities we do as family. 

On Saturday the children and I ran in a neighborhood 5k and mile run. I had already ran 9 miles in the early morning. I was heading back home on my route and my husband saw me. He took me home so I could get the kids ready for the run. We ran to church house where the run was going to take place. That was another mile for me. Phoenix wanted to run in the mile race and wanted to win. He did! He was 6th over all and first in age group, 6 and under. He was so happy. He even got a medal. Jersey and I ran the 5k together. She had never ran 3.5 miles in her life but was determined to do it. I think her time was 45 min. She was 9th in her age group. She was sad that she didn't get a medal but I was proud that she ran. I had a great time running with my children. They can't wait to do another race. 

Though my husband is recovery still from knee surgery his inspiration for us to stay active is with us.


Kristen said...

Hello! Such a cute blog you have. I found you via {and here's to you Mrs. Robinson}'s Birthday giveaway. I'm a new follower via GFC and would love to swap follows?! Thank you in advance, can't wait to read up on your blog :)) && BTW, your ETSY shop is totally amaze!! <3


Emi said...

that is so great! it's always good to stay active. following your blog! come follow along :)