Saturday, December 11, 2010

I know it's not Halloween

This year for Halloween I made some fabulous necklaces. I wanted something cute and fun. Of course I scoured the web finding the perfect thing for my necklaces. I found these little ladies. My friend had a necklace that I love so much and when I thought about how it could be come my great Halloween necklace I knew I had something.
Sparkle lady

Black and Glam

punk rock princess

A girl just wanted to have fun

Sophisticated Mama

Blue Lady

Lady in Red

I {heart} Pink
Jolly Jack
I made a few for the store, Purse-onality, at Gardner Village. I thought these would be an overnight success because every year there is a Witches festival where all the witches in Utah gather to have an amazing night out on the town. I had a feeling these beauties would be flying off the shelves to complete their witchy looks. Unfortunately people didn't have the same reaction I or my close friends had to these necklaces. I still love them and think that you can wear them all year round because unless you look super close it's hard to tell if they are really a skeleton bride.

If you would like one of these precious necklaces they are for sale. $30.00 is the going rate.

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Paige said...

I need one of these, I love them.