Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Who's ready for Christmas?

I have a few more to shop for. Nothing like shopping the last minute. Scrambling around for the perfect or semi-perfect gift. I struggle to the men in my family to buy them something every year. Their gifts tend to be expensive and if I get something small and simple it gets push aside. So I usually give food to those men. Since I can't buy a fancy tool or new tech gift.
Since I have down in recovery I have been giving my husband the controls on the decorating. At first I was really upset because this is my favorite time of year for decorating. I have to say even though he didn't use everything that I would have used for decorating it still looks great. I was told by my DR that I CAN let things go this one time since I can't climb on top of the counter tops to put the decorations. I have a bit of OCD. 

Since the shopping is almost done it will be onto the wrapping my unfavorite part of Christmas. Good thing my mom is coming into town. She is a wiz at the wrapping part.

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Carsedra said...

I think I am, if not I better get ready!! LOL!!

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