Friday, February 17, 2012

Olympic Memories

10 years ago.... I was in my second semester at the University of Utah, something was going on where classes were cancelled for a few weeks.

The Olympics were in town. We had an amazing time. Mike and I got to see the events and concerts. We went to the women's final bobsled race. Where we saw the USA, win! Brilliant! We also went downtown several times to see the booths, and concerts. We saw Smashmouth. Not a great band but it was the experience of seeing the Olympians get their medals before hand that was awesome.


I have always loved the Olympics and now getting to share those memories with my children has been a treat. We went to the University of Utah stadium to seeing the relighting of the Olympic cauldron. It didn't light up at first but when it did tears rushed to my eyes.
 I remembered those good times of the 2002 Olympics!

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