Sunday, February 17, 2013

Valentine's day

I have mixed emotions about this day. I like it for the extra love I get to shower on my children and my husband. But I often get annoyed because of the expectations I set up for myself, when those expectations don't happened...well I don't feel so warm and fuzzy.
This is how I was feeling at the beginning of the week. I love my husband, he is great. Holidays like this one are hard for him. He always says "I don't need a holiday to tell you I love you" needless to say with the lack of romance and money we have subpar on Valentine's days.
Imagine my surprise when I came home from work yesterday to a sheepish looking husband! I was wondering what he had been doing while I was at work. He took out a slim box from his backpack and said "I can't wait until tomorrow" The box was a new iPad mini. Spoiled? YES!
I couldn't believe it! I also enjoyed the sweet pictures he took for the cover and background of my screen. I became a happy,gushing, romantic girl for the day. I wanted to spend more time with my love today, I left work early to surprise him with lunch. After 11years, we might finally be getting it right!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

It takes just one

In 2009 my husband started running and getting back into shape. We had lost our slenderness, blame it on work, raising little ones that only ate McDonald's or just the fact that we had become lazier than we had in the past. He encouraged me but to his dismay I didn't want to do anything about my weight. I was realizing that I wasn't going to be the size 2 girl he had married. I had excepted the fact that I was going to be soft in the middle. I was a working mother with a lot on her plate. 
I didn't need another thing to do. 

Looking back I'm grateful for his push to get out and exercise. I believe that this has help my children  to more become active. Plus seeing their parents trying to eat healthier and lose weight. We aren't weight obsessed but we have made changes in our eating habits and the activities we do as family. 

On Saturday the children and I ran in a neighborhood 5k and mile run. I had already ran 9 miles in the early morning. I was heading back home on my route and my husband saw me. He took me home so I could get the kids ready for the run. We ran to church house where the run was going to take place. That was another mile for me. Phoenix wanted to run in the mile race and wanted to win. He did! He was 6th over all and first in age group, 6 and under. He was so happy. He even got a medal. Jersey and I ran the 5k together. She had never ran 3.5 miles in her life but was determined to do it. I think her time was 45 min. She was 9th in her age group. She was sad that she didn't get a medal but I was proud that she ran. I had a great time running with my children. They can't wait to do another race. 

Though my husband is recovery still from knee surgery his inspiration for us to stay active is with us.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Training and Weight Watchers

In my quest to lose weight. I have decided to join Weight Watchers. My work is sponsoring the program so I thought I would jump on the band wagon and give a real "diet" a try. I know WW is not called a "diet" but a lifestyle change. I think I have changed my lifestyle a little bit. Instead of eating 5 king size candy bars a day I have limited myself to one a week. Another thing is I have cut back on my Coke intake. I was drinking on everyday. Now it's maybe once a week. 
In the 6 weeks I have done this I have lost 5 pounds. I really thought I would just lose so much with all the exercise that I do. Running, swimming and biking. I get a bit frustrated when I go to the weigh ins because I want better results but the scale isn't giving them to me. So this week I am going to try harder in tracking my points. Maybe that is what I'm doing wrong? I track them but not very well. I have 6 more weeks of the program. I was hoping to lose 20 pounds. That might not happen in 6 weeks. 

On a side note I registered for the St. George Marathon. I was selected to participate on October 6th in the marathon. I can't wait.
 I am going document my training for this race. 
Here are some training notes. I haven't been able to run as much I have wanted to in the last two weeks. But I have rode my bike 72 miles, swam 2 miles and ran 7 miles. This weeks training is going to be a little bit more running. I have Ragnar Wasatch Back in two weeks.
With my kids out of school, the lazy days of summer have arrived and I will be getting up early to do some running. I have planned to run 9 miles and to do a long run on Saturday. 

Though the scale isn't saying it. I can feel my pants and shorts getting a little more loose.

My long lost Mother's Day post

Moms, what would do without them? 
I can't stand to not talk to my mom for more than a few days. Sometimes I call her just to hear anything that she might be doing even if it is the same thing she did yesterday. 
It's hard to live so far away but even though I'm not a tear drop away, I am a phone call. 

My Mom and I at Temple Square, shortly after she arrived. It was a beautiful spring morning.
My Mom came to visit for two weeks. I had so much fun. She was a big help to me. I took on a project that was bigger than I could handle. She help me through it and we finished the project. She wasn't so excited to help with this project because she had to use a glue gun. 
Something I learned about my mom while. 
She doesn't like glue guns. 

The leftover flowers that we made.
We made 300 rolled fabric flowers for a Daddy Daughter dance the school was putting on. I volunteered for corsages and decorations, mostly with the lights. 
I couldn't have done what I did without my mom's help. 
I realized that I like having a third adult in the house, to help pick up the slack for me. 
She can come anytime and we will keep her busy. 

But alas all good things must come to an end. My mom had to go to Arizona. She is now helping others that are need of it. My Grandparents are moving and she is helping them get ready. This is what I love about my mom. She is always willing to help. No task is to big or small for Laurie Patterson! She is a superhero with Superhero kindness and patience. I hope I can be like her when I grow up. 

The Magic of John Williams

Last month my friend Sarah and I went to the Utah Symphony. (wow, I can't believe it's been a month) The Utah Symphony was playing the music of John Williams and the famous classical pieces that inspired him. If you haven't heard of John Williams he wrote very very famous music. Some of his pieces, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Harry Potter, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, just to name a few.
I like classical music and pop culture, this was perfect mix. We went with out our husbands because well they don't find the symphony or any classical music enjoyable.
My mom was in town she came with us too. We had a fun night! 
Before the performance began we got to take some pictures with characters from the movies. Chewie, some stormtroopers and at the end Gold Leader and Snape. I had fun acting like a dork. 

Afterwards we walked over to the new shopping center Downtown and ate at the Cheesecake Factory! Delicious!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

A race to remember

I wanted to run a half marathon that wasn't all down hill and closer to home. Mike and I signed up for this half marathon in January, before Mike hurt his knee. We were going to be running it with my SIL and BIL. They both had to drop out too because of their kids activities. That just left me to run the race. The course was decent, the race was very well organized. 
Me, well I thought I had trained well. I didn't though. 
This was my first race since my surgery. I didn't know how I would do. I wasn't excepting a super time but I was excepting that I would a little better. Three hours and three minutes later I finished. I was so mad. In October, I ran the Halloween Half in 2:30 hours. I wanted that time or better. I think the cold through me off. Daylight savings pushed the sun up later so I couldn't run in the mornings. The worst part. I forgot my watch. My running watch. To tell me my pace, how far I have gone and how much more I need to go. When I got to the starting line and realized this fun fact, I almost turned around and went home. But I thought no. I will do my best and pretend it's just a run around the neighborhood nothing serious. Those thoughts helped for a little bit but by mile 9 I wanted to quit. I had a blister at the bottom of my foot. I was even madder since I had just bought new shoes. When Justin Biebers song came on the ipod, Never Say Never I wanted to puke and cry all at once. (My stomach wasn't feeling well either.) The song pulled me through. My last mile I just kept thinking never say never, I will fight til forever,  I could do this. Even though thoughts of me being a fat cow were dragging me down. I want to be called a runner. I want to look like I could run 13.1 miles without breaking a sweat. I didn't feel like I was even good enough to be in this race. I sprinted to the end. There weren't very many people left things were being torn down. This was one of the worst races I felt for me. I know there is room for improvement, always. 
I hope to start that improvement tomorrow. 
Next race, 40miles on my bike and then Ragnar. In all of this self pity, I'm not going to give up my goal of looking fit and being someday called a runner. I even put my name into the lottery for the St. George Marathon. That is in 6 months.

Friday, March 23, 2012

an all time favorite

Who doesn't love shoes? I have been accused of having more shoes than days of the week. I have my favorites, my go to pairs.  Then I have some that I bought either because they were on clearance that couldn't be passed up or they looked so cute in the store when I tried them on. But when I got them home they weren't that cute. I might be a hoarder of shoes and flip flops. At one point in my life I did own 100 pairs for flip flops and they weren't all the Old Navy throw away pairs either. I just love shoes that I don't even know what to do with the old ones when they were barely used? I thought about giving them away to my sister but she has smaller feet than me. 
I have been a consumer of running shoes lately. Since I am running and doing triathlons. My first pair of REAL running shoes some from the clearance section of the local sports store. They even matched my husband. They were Nike ZOOMS, white with red stripes. After awhile they started to hurt my feet. Then I saw some amazing hot pink and grey shoes. Nike Lunar Glides! I loved these shoes but sadly they have been replaced. 
By my new love! The Nike Pegasus! I like to say pegacorn, an inside joke with my kids or people that watch PBS's Word Girl. My feet and body were aching from my shoes. I decided it was worth the trip to Wasatch Running Company for them to check out my feet. I had heard about the testing that they do and for them to fit me with the proper shoe. The sales boy said that I was over correcting a problem I didn't have. I thought I pronated. He told me that is why I was getting blisters and awful knee and leg pain. I put on my shoes and was instantly in love. I am some what of a brand freak. If I like a brand I continue to buy it. I don't like changing it up. I have a a huge loyalty to NIKE!!! I did try on different shoes but I didn't want anything else but the pretty black Nike's with hot pink and neon green. I had a dress in 5th grade with the same color scheme. 
I couldn't wait to run in them. The next day I ran 10.1 miles in my new shoes. I was hurting but not like I had before. The shoes felt amazing even right out of the box. I can only imagine they will get even better after a few more runs. I have a half marathon on the 31st! 
I can't wait to see how my shoes and I hold up.